OB-GYN PACS Solutions

Women's Health Imaging Workflow

PICOM365 provides comprehensive department-specific imaging and reporting tools to support all aspects of the women’s health continuum.

Womens Health PACS OBGYN

PICOM365 Enterprise Imaging

PICOM365 presents a unified platform that seamlessly integrates women’s health images throughout the enterprise to ensure clinical collaboration and access to priors and reports across modalities and disciplines.

Custom Reporting

Customizable templates with native AI assist for quick and easy Structured Reports.

Complex workflows

PICOM365 accommodates the nuances of multiple departments and locations, all modalities, all users, and all data receivers.

Complete imaging history

Intelligent timeline displays chronological patient image history providing both images and prior reports.

Fetal imaging workflow

Comprehensive and customizable OB, sono & fetal echo reporting workflow with integrated fetal biometry and multi-fetus support.

Breast Imaging

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