Solutions for Reading Groups

PICOM365’s seamless workflow, consolidated worklist capability and rich toolset allow you to read from – and report automatically to – anywhere with the flexibility to satisfy any institution’s requirements.

PICOM365 allows you to interface with any imaging exam that requires diagnostic reporting, including Radiology, Cardiology, ECG management, Mammography and OB images.
PICOM365 can be deployed in whatever way best suits your specific needs: pure Cloud works for most small to mid-range reading groups, while larger groups with IT resources prefer our customizable hybrid implementation which offers a flexible, VPN-less approach to on-premise deployment.
PICOM365 allows you to bring any number of order-driven and orderless institutions into your consolidated worklist.
PICOM365’s extensive toolset features “just-in-time” prior fetching, which integrates prior Study reports and images into an existing consolidated worklist.
PICOM365’s architecture is built upon a security-first mindset that features end-to end-encryption of data (at rest and in transit).
PICOM365 creates MPI schemes using extensive, natively-supported tools to manage patient and Study conflicts. Alternatively, you can incorporate your own available MPI scheme if preferred.
PICOM365’s native document management is built on a Study-folder concept that can incorporate images, waveforms, documents and information to allow truly inclusive reporting beyond the standard PACS capability.
You can absolutely continue to use your own PACS. PICOM365’s versatility accepts Studies with priors from various sources and effortlessly integrates them into your worklist.
PICOM365 can extract and deliver any reporting system’s output to the right destination, allowing you to maintain your preferred reporting methodology.
PicomDashboard’s fully functional Radiology viewer supports roaming profiles, advanced hanging protocols and built-in volumetric visualization to provide an efficient reading experience featuring a comprehensive worklist and built-in speech-to-text self-reporting. You can also launch any external viewer for advanced modality-specific analysis.
PicomDashboard contains viewing tools that serve all Cardiology modalities (including a comprehensive Cardiology viewer and ECG viewer) as well as a complete worklist with built-in structured reporting functionality. PicomDashboard also gives you the option of using Invia’s Corridor4DM or Cedars-Sinai Cardiac Suite to work with Nuclear Cardiology reports.
PICOM365 provides end-to-end security at each remote location using a small remotely-managed PicomSentry device that ensures secure data routing and communication without requiring firewall exceptions or VPNs.
PICOM365 uses weblinks to send information (reports, images, etc.) to any EHR’s institution of origin and supports auto-faxing for multiple recipients or the ability to print from the web portal for smaller sites.
PICOM365 can integrate a simple site with no special HL7 interfaces in less than a week.
Low-volume sites can take advantage of PicomCloud, our browser-based tool, or use our PicomDrive plug-in which requires zero onsite hardware.
PICOM365 equipped with PicomAnalytics, our comprehensive data tool that generates productivity reports and turn-around reports among others – all available anytime from any location.