Efficient Cloud PACS Solution

Secure, Cloud-native imaging workflow

PICOM365 Cloud architecture delivers automated, scalable, secure workflow with access to all data formats, supporting image exchange and interoperability anywhere in the enterprise and beyond.

Security first

ScImage’s commitment to data security is at the forefront of all the software we develop.

Easy access

Access any image, any time, from anywhere with an internet connection.

Disaster recovery

PICOM365 Cloud stores data in georedundant archives, assuring availability and accessibility.

Uptime guarantee

Optimized performance to assure you have the speed required for maximum efficiency.

Hybrid Configuration

Still Questioning the Cloud?

ScImage has security clearance from some the top healthcare organizations in the nation, including the Department of Defense.

The cost for PICOM365’s PaaS model is often lower than your current on-premise provider’s maintenance agreements, not to mention reduced spending for hardware, IT resources, and ever-changing storage requirements.

As partners in this venture, ScImage becomes a custodian to your data – you are leaving the management (and headaches) to us. If you ever need it back, it’s yours in DICOM.

With PICOM365 proprietary SmartStream technology, you can kiss the days of choppy image review goodbye.  Even the largest data sets are available within seconds.

Whether data migration, IT integration, Active Directory, or virtual access to post-processing solutions, ScImage’s Pure Cloud delivers 100% of the capabilities you currently require with your on-premise PACS and beyond.

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