Cloud PACS for the Enterprise

Optimizing Other 'Ologies

PICOM365 organizes imaging exams, from any discipline, across the enterprise to ensure data is properly managed and maintained, eliminating the hassle of lost or misplaced files.

PICOM365 Enterprise Imaging

PICOM365 Cloud PACS natively manages Ophthalmology, Endoscopy, Dermatology, Pathology and any other Visual Light Image.


Integrate any image from any source, as well as supporting documentation, into the patient study.

Specialized workflows

PICOM365 accommodates all modalities, all users, and all data receivers.

Image capture

PicomCAM securely acquires and integrates photos from the user’s smartphone into PICOM365 for data storage and management.

Reporting options

PICOM365 includes Structured Reporting, VR, transcription, self-reporting, and third-party integration.


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