Speedy & Secure Cardiology Cloud PACS

Comprehensive Cardiology Imaging

PICOM365 enterprise imaging is made for your dynamic Cardiology workflow in the Cloud. Access all imaging data anywhere, anytime.

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PICOM365 Enterprise Imaging

Made for your dynamic Cardiology workflow in the Cloud or on-premise, providing automated measurement-driven structured reporting, comprehensive viewing and quantification, image exchange and clinical analytics.

Custom Reporting

Customizable templates with native AI assist for quick and easy Structured Reports.

Integrated post-processing

Read and report with access to gold-standard post-processing from any workstation.

Advanced AI tools

PICOM365’s AI portfolio includes evidence-based reporting, Priors retrieval, Strain, and an integrated alerts system to monitor and manage system health.

Critical Results alerts

Collaborate and share critical results for accreditation and follow-up, and monitor responses to ensure quality patient care.

Integrated Hemodynamics Bundle

In partnership with Fysicon, a Canon Company, PICOM365 Hemodynamics Bundle includes amplifier, associated hardware and software, providing closed-loop Cath Lab workflow for patient monitoring, image management and reporting.

Canon Fysicon Hemodynamics partnership, Cardiology Cloud PACS
Structured Reporting
ECG Management
Stress Testing
Nuclear Cardiology
Cath Lab/EP
Cardiac CT/PET/MRI
Advanced Post Processing

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