ScImage was founded in 1993 and has consistently provided innovative enterprise solutions to the healthcare industry that are flexible, scalable and secure with an emphasis on establishing and nurturing excellent relationships with all our partners. In service to this goal, ScImage created PICOM365, a unique single-database enterprise platform delivering end-to-end imaging workflow for Cardiology, Radiology, Women’s Health, Orthopedics, Ophthalmology and any other discipline that utilizes imaging for diagnostic purposes. PICOM365 was created to accommodate any size organization from single physician practices to multi-hospital enterprises in a fully-customizable format based in the Cloud, in an on-premise infrastructure or any combination of the two. In every instance of use, PICOM365 provides secure VPN-less image exchange solutions among legacy silo systems, Cloud users, and various EHR systems. ScImage is proud to offer a robust software solution that can be used by any organization in any format they wish, all offering physicians access to patient information anytime, anywhere.

"Our strength in the marketplace is rooted in our customers’ success. We take great pride in our products and in the support we provide, and it is truly gratifying to know that our products are part of a process that saves lives. We thrive to build a long-term, mutually beneficial partnership with you - Choose us to make a difference!”
Sai Raya, Founder and CEO

Investing in the Future

ScImage consistently follows the optimal path to success, even when faced with great difficulty, by choosing sustainable, organic growth over the instability of hyper-accelerated development driven and financed by external shareholders. ScImage stands independently viable through the self-financing of all operations thereby incurring no external debt. ScImage’s mission is to further our impact on positive health outcomes with our “One customer at a time principle,” as evidenced by our extraordinary customer retention rate; we are committed to engineering, modifying or tweaking any implementation until we fully meet our partners' imaging requirements. We then continue development according to our partners’ growing and changing needs, providing upgrade pathways rather than dead-ends. ScImage invests more than 35% of income in product research and development in support of our commitment to elevate the role of advanced imaging and informatics technologies in healthcare, allowing us to be of maximum service to our partners and, ultimately, the well-being of patients.

Our History


Today, ScImage is specifically focused on providing innovative products for enterprise imaging and reporting in healthcare with particular expertise in Radiology, Cardiology, Obstetrics, Pathology and all other healthcare related 'Ologies.


Single-database PACS installed for Radiology and Cardiology.


In 2000, ScImage created the first web-technology based, multi-department PACS while simultaneously launching what would become the industry’s first Cloud PACS, PicomOnline.


In 1995, simple advances in storage technologies led ScImage into a new healthcare realm: Digital Angiography as a replacement for the cine film used in cath labs. AngioComm, our initial venture into Cardiology PACS, was sold by a major cardiology company.


Our image engineering acumen initially sent ScImage on divergent paths: Our first product released in 1993 provided qualitative and quantitative assessment for Coronary Calcium Scoring. This “NetraMD” Workstation was private labeled and resold by Electron Beam and traditional CT vendors alike.

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