Vascular Imaging

PICOM365 Enterprise Imaging is made for your complex invasive and non-invasive Vascular workflow, providing automated measurement-driven structured reporting, comprehensive viewing and quantification, image exchange and clinical analytics.

Structured Reporting

Enhance productivity and improve patient care with an easy-to-access, secure and user-friendly platform with built-in customizable structured report templates for both invasive and non-invasive vascular procedures. 

Zero-footprint Structured Reporting enables clinicians and support staff to read and report from any device, leveraging PICOM365’s browser-agnostic environment with no plug-ins or downloads.

Cardiology Vascular Img Report

Non-Invasive Procedures

Cardiology Vascular SegmentalPressure LowerArterial

Invasive Procedures

Cardiology Vascular Invasive

Integrated Hemodynamics Bundle

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Balancing the need to safeguard data and provide easy access to patient records, PICOM365 Enterprise Imaging delivers a full complement of imaging services in the Cloud to support remote reading & reporting:

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PicomAnalytics is a web-based, integrated reporting module that provides transparency to audit-log events, thus providing a comprehensive view of all PICOM365 activity.

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PICOM365 advances care for leading Vascular providers

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