Massively Valuable Data Deserves Massively Able Management

Availability, Flexibility And Redundancy In A Secure And Scalable System

With so many companies offering so many “Cloud” based solutions, differentiating between competitors can be difficult, leading to the misconception that simply moving servers from an on-premise cabinet to a commercial data center is a sufficient solution to storing vital data. Shuffling data from one box to another is not a solution; it is a single point of failure. Your data deserves more; your data deserves

ScImage’s is a completely realized Cloud PACS solution offering a resilient computing infrastructure able to be securely accessed from anywhere utilizing high availability technologies with end-to-end redundancy. Far beyond one instance serving one institution, geo-redundant storage systems with multi-petabyte scalability have the power and flexibility to leverage massive bandwidth for maximum data throughput to simultaneously serve thousands of institutions. Built on Microsoft Azure,’s secure end-to-end imaging and reporting workflow features real-time advanced threat analytics along with data encryption at rest and in-transit. Additionally,'s full IT and medical device regulatory compliance capability eliminates all barriers to entry, allowing full functionality with ease.

That is Cloud PACS. That is

Perhaps you are considering using a Cloud PACS solution
or are questioning your current system. has the flexibility to meet any institution’s demands.

  • If you are interested in a pure-Cloud data ecosystem,’s complete order-driven imaging and reporting workflow enables full diagnostic interoperability using simple, small sentry gateway appliances placed on-premise.
  • If you are interested in a hybrid solution using existing on-premise infrastructure as well as the Cloud, offers a complete order-driven imaging and reporting workflow using a local instance of PICOM365 and the Cloud for VPN-less result distribution, EHR integration, remote reading and offsite archiving.
  • If you already have an on-premise PACS or a local instance of Picom365, you can use the Cloud to provide VPN-less image and report access to referring physicians as well as EHR Integration, remote reading and disaster recovery.
  • If you currently rely upon an on-premise infrastructure, you can use’s secure image/report access portal for referring physicians.
  • If you are looking for a simpler solution, you can use and pay only for the imaging and reporting tools your team uses.

Whatever size and scope best serves your institution, best serves your data.

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