ScImage White Paper: Cloud-Native Health Systemwide Enterprise PACS

Without intentional transitions care is often fragmented, redundant and costly. Patients may experience less than excellent outcomes with delayed decision-making, or be lost to care altogether. Securely connecting health data, images and care planning across broad geographies and care settings is a core need for organizations to achieve a level of integration necessary for these […]

PICOM365 + DiA Automation = Improved Clinical Outcomes

Efficiency is key in assuring staff productivity and satisfaction, and specialized post-processing techniques utilizing AI can significantly improve the consistency, quality and workflow of Strain in Echocardiology. ScImage’s PICOM365 Comprehensive Cardiology Image Management System provides state of the art technologies, both inherent in our Cloud-centric solution and with “best of breed” specialty-specific software. Patient care […]

Anywhere? Beware!

Moving imaging to the Cloud is a consideration for the majority of hospital and private practice Cardiology operations these days, driven by claims of cost-savings, convenience and accessibility. Most PACS vendors are making declarations that they have a cloud solution, when in reality they’re offering a hosted alternative. Now is the perfect time to start […]

PICOM365: Efficiency in Action with Automation, Alerts & Analytics

Data, Data, Data… Nowhere is there more data to be managed than in Cardiology, where the entangling of multiple imaging disciplines produces a maze of clinical data. Analytics seems to be a buzzword with a focus on managing and monitoring for the money counters. But does an automated analytics platform with built-in alerts that supports […]

Your Imaging Data: Who Needs It?

How many times a day does someone need the imaging data your practice generates? Patients, referring physicians, surgeons, billing, management, regulatory agencies and, maybe most importantly, YOU! Why does data access need to be so difficult? Why are there so many places to go to find data, and how frustrating is it when you can’t […]

ScImage White Paper: Leveraging Cloud-Centric Technology in the ASC/OBL Setting

Careful thought and strategic planning are needed to manage the accelerated shift to ambulatory interventional labs and avoid additional strain on the industry’s efforts to assure intentional, well managed care transitions. In an effort to meet the needs of the growing ambulatory surgical center/office-based lab (ASC/OBL) market, ScImage now offers a game-changing solution: a fully […]

ScImage White Paper: Powering Complex Clinical Workflow with Intelligent Cloud Computing

Cloud-based workflow plays a major role as cardiovascular programs strive to achieve the Quadruple Aim for better outcomes, lower costs, and improved patient and clinician experience. In part one of a three part white paper series, the Heart and Vascular Institute of Wisconsin (HVIW) shares their experience with PICOM365 to create an integrated imaging and […]

Is your CVIS Optimized?

Focused on market requirements and customer productivity enhancements, PICOM365 offers the most comprehensive CVIS in the market today. In the Cloud or on-premise, PICOM365 includes ANYTHING Cardiology, including the most recognized exams – echo, vascular, stress, cath, nuclear medicine – and more.  PICOM365 can also handle ECG Management, Holter, Event Monitoring, Pulmonary, and EP reporting. […]

ScImage White Paper: Addressing Data and Image Integration

Cardiovascular leaders strive for a patient-centric model of care that improves access and health. To achieve that, there is an urgent need for solutions to bridge the gaps between the data and images used to plan and deliver care across all settings in a diverse continuum of care.  Learn how ScImage’s PICOM365 provides a turnkey […]

Case Study: Butler Health System

Workflow and Connectivity Drives Growth Neighbors taking care of neighbors, with the technology and clinical expertise equal to or surpassing a big city hospital – that’s the approach that Butler Health System Cardiovascular Services takes as it delivers top-quality cardiology services. Founded in 1898, BHS has numerous locations throughout Butler, Pennsylvania and surrounding counties. With […]